about us

Jure in Pika ujeti trenutek portret

husband & wife team

We are a perfect match. Pika is a perfectionist who lives for the details, while Jure embraces the big picture. It’s that combination that makes our lives rich, and our photography unique. We absolutely love what we do, and that passion shines through in our photography. Life is filled with tiny moments of perfection, and our goal is to capture them as beautiful works of art.

We believe that a great portrait has the power to take your breath away, make you laugh with delight, and move you to tears. We love to present those precious memories as stunning works of art that your family will cherish forever.

We are constantly educating ourselves and perfecting our technique, especially when it comes to safely working with newborns and learning new tips and tricks for creating beautiful and unforgettable memories. In this regard our “mentors” are the widely recognized and awarded Kelly Brown, and the photographer who took the profession to a whole new level, Sue Bryce.

Our business is centered in Slovenia, but we are ready and willing to take pictures abroad, as well. We speak Slovenian, Croatian, and English.

Jure & Pika